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Building Services

If you own a store front or commercial or industrial building, we offer a number of services for your property.

Window Cleaning

 Storefront interior and exterior with mop and squeegee (ladders and poles may be used accordingly)

 -We have carbon-fibre Tucker-pole systems for any hard to reach exterior windows

 Mid-rise Office building interior and exterior cleaning

 -We have plenty of experience using special equipment like lifts to get get challenging jobs done, just understand we   will charge more in those cases

 Rope-access and High-rise window cleaning and spot resealing

 Industrial properties such as warehouses and depots, or small offices

Surface Cleaning

 Concrete and stonework pressure washing

 -If you have large areas or lots of paths, let us know- we have a tool for that!

 Heated Pressure Washing for grease and oil stains and spills

 Leaf clearing for pathways

Inspection Imaging (coming soon)

 Our team works hard to stay up to date and provide the best services relevant to our sector. We are working hard to bring Inspection Imaging to our customers, so that we may save them time, money, and heartache from overlooked damage or deterioration. Check back here, or contact our team to check on the progress of our new service.

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