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Window Cleaning

 Here in the greater Seattle area our windows get dirty pretty fast. The rain brings down dirt onto your window from your siding, as well as your roof and gutter system if they are overflowing. If you live in an urban area or near a major road it can be far worse. The soot from cars traveling near your home or business contribute to a lot of the dirt and oil our team ends up scrubbing away.

 We offer our customers regular service as frequent as your location and needs require. Our team does our best to give you an accurate idea of how often you may need cleaning after your first service. 

For Commercial and Industrial window cleaning please see Building Services

Residential Window Cleaning Pricing

Average Size Window Pane:
1st story | $4 per pane
2nd story | $5 per pane
3rd story |  $6 per pane

French Window Pane:
1st story | $1 per pane
2nd story & up | $1.50 per paner

1st story | $20 per pane

2nd story & up | $20 per pane

Window Screen Cleaning:​

$4.50 per screen

Various styles of windows and the cost to have them cleaned

Examples of average size window panes

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