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Hello Seattle Area (Blog Coming Soon Feb 6th)

Well, hello Seattle! I am Jaime, and I've been working with Mark here at MNZ for almost two years now. I moved from elsewhere and have lived many places. Be careful what you ask me while we are cleaning...I have lots of long stories, and must be told to stop talking sometimes!

We recently brought a new member on to our team, Isiah, which has allowed us the freedom to do some great stuff that was pretty low priority for a long time. He is a great addition to MNZ Window Cleaning, and he is learning our style, or "form" if you will, of professional window cleaning quickly. The gutter and roof season made him tough and let him train, and with this year's window season he will learn to dance!

As always, Mark is a beast when he takes on any job, making the rest of the team look like we don't try hard enough. That is what many years of experience, a few of them without helpers, and sheer will power does when applied to a problem by a guy who approaches 6'4" in height. He is the man we call when no one else can solve the problem.

Starting on February 6th, I will post a much more educational blog intended to inform our clients and potential customers of some the more intricate issues surrounding our industry. Every two weeks there will be another informative blog that, hopefully, makes the reader more comfortable with strange workers using strange tools and strange liquids around your very familiar property. I would like to shed some light on how very useful and harmless our toolset is when in the hands of trained professionals. Check back on the sixth to see the new blog.

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